Boiling water always available. Very useful from early in the morning to just before bedtime. Because you can do all this with a Quooker.

You'll be surprised to discover how often you need boiling water during a day. You get up, and then? Coffee. Or tea. And if you've got time, a soft-boiled egg perhaps. Do you have small children? Then you'll have to make up formula milk or porridge and sterilise the bottles. Again: boiling water.

During the day, there will be more coffee and tea moments, but you also use boiling water for household tasks. Cleaning that encrusted frying pan, for example. Removing candle wax from a holder. 

At around four o'clock, you might feel like something savoury. With a Quooker, you can make an instant cup of soup or noodles in seconds. Then it's time for your evening meal. From Moroccan couscous to old fashioned boiled spuds: you need boiling water for most of the meals we prepare in the kitchen. To cook pasta, potatoes and rice. To make stock. But also to skin tomatoes, blanche spinach, soak raisins and poach fish. And what about warming the plates? And rinsing mixer blades?

Imagine not having to fill a kettle with an estimated amount of water and wait until it boils. That saves an awful lot of time. Time you can use to chop your vegetables. Or pour a glass of wine.

And then there are those special moments, when the Quooker is indispensable in every kitchen. Saturday breakfast with your partner, who loves a poached egg and a fresh slow coffee but who doesn't like waiting too long. The moments when you soothe your hungry baby with milk which is ready in a few seconds. The children's party, when you delight fifteen children with hot dogs. The family get-together when huge pans of spaghetti bolognese are devoured. But also: that rare evening which you have just for yourself with a big pot of tea on the sofa.

With a Quooker, the boiling water is available instantly. And that brings a bit of calm to a home. On days when you try out the latest Ottolenghi recipes on friends. But particularly on days which are busy with work, school, sport and clubs. Because honestly, there isn’t a day in your life when you haven’t got something better to do than waiting for water to boil.



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